Beautifect changing the Luxury Beauty Game

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Beautifect is changing the luxury beauty game with its innovative products and approach to minimal aesthetic. With all their products offered in a nude and primary colour palette. The award winning Beautifect Box device promises industry leading lighting with a high CRI allowing you to see true to life colours and shades for flawless makeup application. No more makeup mishaps!

Beautifect Box is ‘the’ must-have accessory for every luxury beauty lover. Its stylish and innovative design is a game-changer, expertly engineered and unique to Beautifect is their powerful and advanced luminous system, which perfectly replicates daylight and evening light whilst eliminating shadows by evenly dispersing light over the entirety of your face. Choose from 3 optimized brightness settings.

We’ve all had those moments when you’re in room that has the worst make up lighting possible and then on top of that you’re trying to find your eyeliner amongst the chaos in your makeup bag! Beautifect has been created to organise your everyday makeup essentials in one convenient place, allowing you to easily do your makeup wherever suits you best. The Beautifect Box lighting boasts a high CRI of 90+, which is as close to the perfect daylight quality as you can get!

Everything is neatly and hygienically stored whilst being lit up to perfection. It comes with a magnetic 5x magnifying mirror for precision detailing. Is fully rechargeable via USB-C and lasts up to one month on a single charge.

Such is its brilliance, that the Beautifect Box has garnered rave reviews from beauty professionals, celebrities, and customers worldwide.

Beautifect White

If you’re looking for a thoughtful and luxurious gift for a beauty lover, this is it!

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