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Celebrating Black History Month

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As we come to the end of an incredible month celebrating the achievements of black people. It reminds us of the power of the human spirit and represents the progress we have made so far as a society. Black History Month is an excellent time to champion the brilliant Black-owned brands in our country, but it shouldn’t be the only time we pay attention to our homegrown talent.

Black owned businesses in the UK are an integral part of the country’s economy, making a significant contribution to both job creation and economic growth. According to data from the Federation of Small Businesses (FSB), there are around 115,000 black owned businesses operating in the UK, employing approximately 422,000 people and generating an estimated turnover of £10 billion.

Moreover, black owned businesses offer valuable diversity to the UK economy, with many contributing to the country’s creative industries. For example, black owned businesses have made a significant impact on the music, fashion, and food sectors, enriching the country’s cultural heritage.

We wanted to share some of the wonderful brands and businesses in Fashion, Beauty, Food and the Arts that we discovered this year.


About The Brand

Soapsmith’s founder Sam started her journey in 2010.

“I was on a mission to reignite the almost lost craftmanship and manufacturing industry in the UK Capital. So I decided to take my kitchen table hobby of artisanal soap making and scent creation, and transform it into a viable business; a business that would ultimately become one of my proudest achievements.”

The brand, which started and, true to its roots, remains in Walthamstow, launched two years later. The products – each of its six signature scents is named after the area of London that inspired it.  

Their Whitechapel scent is back due to popular demand. This time in the form of a limited edition 100ml Reed Diffuser. A beautiful fragrance, that lingers with a traditional clean mix of Violets and Lilacs.

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Heritage OG Trio (Exclusive limited edition set) £84

About The Brand

LIHA create beauty products that are, like its Founders, a mixture of natural African roots and a quintessentially British attitude.

“I am a Gloucestershire girl born and bred. Abi is a Londoner through and through. In the Yoruba (Nigerian) tradition making beautifying oils, soaps and lotions from the nuts, tree bark and plants that grew in abundance was a skill that was traditionally learned by all young women. My mother is an English aromatherapist, so I naturally started to blend the two disciplines together. Whenever Abi would travel I would ask her to bring back different ingredients- especially that good Nigerian Shea from her father’s town!”

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All of Us Signature Chocolate Box £150

About The Brand

Nyanga began her quest in Spitalfields Market with just two truffles and a lot of chutzpah. Soon enough people fell in love with the authentic taste of the truffles and word got around about the woman who was bringing the sweet taste of Africa in the form of chocolates.

This journey then continued to the famous Borough Market, where people would queue up to taste the irresistible chocolate that everyone would rave about. After many exciting years at Borough, Nyanga packed up her truffles and flew to South America and West Africa; where she spent three years researching cocoa on her family’s farm. She returned feeling excited to bring her experience in Ghana to the streets of East London.

Today you can find Dark Sugars on Brick Lane, a Dark Sugars ice cream shop in Greenwich and a 4 storey flagship Cacao House in Greenwich.

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Baobab taster mini jams selection £10.00

About The Brand

During my childhood in the Gambia, I always loved the fresh food and drink my aunt would make us. She’d use a variety of local fruits (like baobab) and make them really simply, without any extracts, colourings or artificial flavourings.

Inspired to share this experience with others, I decided to create my own range of exotic, organic drinks, fresh fruit sorbets and baobab jams using the same simple methods my aunt used. This range is called Chosan, a word which means ‘cultural heritage’ in the Wolof language we speak in The Gambia. By using fruits and plants indigenous to Africa, I like to think that Chosan’s delicious hisbiscus and baobab products pay homage to this rich heritage.

But Chosan is about more than just producing exotic food and drinks bursting with flavour. We also have a commitment to supporting African food producers. In countries like The Gambia, fresh fruits are always in abundant supply when they’re in season, but you can’t get hold of them outside of those times. Because of this, it’s hard for the farmers who grow the fruits to get a good price, because there’s so much competition from other producers.

And so I became committed to helping them do just that. Every sale from the Chosan range adds to the donation we make to food producers in Africa. This goes a small way to helping them do as much as they can with the amazing fruits they cultivate

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Lali Crab Red Porfolio Box £45.00

About The Brand

Dar Leone is an Islington, London based design studio founded by Sierra Leonean-American, Isatu Funna.

” We create and curate a globally inspired range of jewellery, textiles, wallpaper, cushions and objects inspired by Isatu’s travels around the world and her memories of a childhood in Freetown.

With each of our designs, we reimagine traditional West African textiles in unexpected tones of cerise pink, mustard yellow or chocolate brown. Our inspiration is global but our production is local as you can find a wide range from our designs in store and online, from fine bone china made in Stoke on Trent to wallpaper printed in Yorkshire.”

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African Sewing Box Subscription £35.99 a month

About The Brand

After facing multiple redundancies and job losses, Jacqueline Shaw, a Fashion Design industry professional, used the opportunity of lockdown 2020 to kickstart a new initiative. She is combined sewing crafts, with African sourced and handmade fabrics with an impact story – offering monthly projects, sewalong videos, and even online group support for members.

Wax and Wraps African fabrics are handmade by artisans in Africa or sourced directly from the printhouses in Africa. They are not available in general fabric shops. These fabrics range from hand printed, to hand woven, to handknitted and are all done in a new African country each month. Each month’s box comes with an African Fabric Swatch Card that shares information on unique fabrics made in Africa and who made them

Learn more and signup here

Photography by Angella

About The Brand

“I am a London based lifestyle photographer. I am a wife and mother to three beautiful boys. I have always had a love for photography and am passionate about capturing your small and big experiences, the day-to-day and special moments. I am drawn to natural connections that people have with their loved ones. I love capturing genuine feelings and emotions as they unfold.

If you’ve had a look through my portfolio, you’ll see I’m not into stiff awkward posing but more natural, authentic, candid photography that reflects each family in their stage in life.”

Learn more Here

Original Prints by Creative Curls

About The Brand

Creative Curls is a phenomenal UK based Artist that has always been drawn to anything both colourful and creative.

Having specialised in acrylic paint for the past 7 years, she uses her abilities to bring awareness to the traditions and cultures of predominantly black and ethnic minority groups. An experienced teacher, she teaches groups of adult students step-by-step paintings, in a fun and relaxed atmosphere.

You can purchase her incredible prints via her website

Learn more & Buy Here

HANNA | Flutter Dress £450

About The Brand

Lemlem was founded by supermodel Liya Kebede, On a trip to her native country of Ethiopia, supermodel Liya Kebede discovered that traditional weavers were losing their jobs due to a decline in local demand for their goods. Recognizing the beauty and rare quality of their work, Liya started lemlem in 2007 to preserve this ancient art form and simultaneously create job opportunities for local artisans.

Since then, lemlem has expanded its presence in Kenya with ready-to-wear and Morocco with swimwear. lemlem is the first international brand made in Africa, with a core mission of inspiring economic growth in the region and preserving the local art of weaving. and is an artisan-driven brand of beautiful women resort wear made entirely and responsibly in Africa, with a core mission of preserving the local art of weaving in Ethiopia and inspiring economic growth on the continent.

Meaning to bloom and flourish in the Ethiopian language of Amharic, lemlem is a label of love, celebrating women and nature. Inspired by the unique Ethiopian handwoven patterns and the vibrant colourful combinations in the streets of Africa.

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Nubian Skin Lingerie

My nude isn’t the nude I see in shops. Despite the reality that women of colour have the same needs as all women when it comes to lingerie and hosiery, the industry simply doesn’t cater to us.”

A nude bra and skin tone hosiery are the basics of every woman’s wardrobe, at least in theory. For many women of colour, finding suitable skin-tone hosiery and lingerie has not been an option. Frustrated by the lack of skin-tone choices to go with her ever-expanding wardrobe, Nubian Skin founder, Ade Hassan, decided it was time for ‘a different kind of nude’.

Nubian Skin launched with a carefully edited collection of lingerie and hosiery to provide the essential underwear needs of Women of colour.

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Charlotte Mensah Manketti Hair Oil 100ml £43.20

About The Brand

In 1999, Charlotte Mensah established her hair salon, the Hair Lounge in the heart of Notting Hill on Portobello Road. The award-winning hairstylist developed the Charlotte Mensah Manketti Oil range, a line of curly hair products to allow those with afro, mixed hair to care for their tresses with salon-quality products. As a columnist and a hairstylist, Charlotte is regarded as a true authority in the natural haircare movement, crafting her products with organic, ethical and sustainably sourced oils.

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Maya Njie Les Fleurs Eau de Parfum £95

About The Brand

Raised in Sweden and degree-educated in London, artist Maya Nije found her niche in perfumery after experimenting with sense of smell as a medium to capture precious moments in time. Tapping into the notion of synaesthesia, Maya interprets found family photographs through personal fragrance – bottling the spirit connected to the classic 1970’s Scandinavian idyll combined with the soul of her esoteric Gambian heritage. Handcrafted in small batches in the perfumer’s London studio, these contemporary, genderless fragrances are infused with a comforting measure of nostalgia.

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Anna Philip GIFT BOX - GLOW £70.00

About The Brand

Founded in 2019 in London, England, Anna Philip London is a curated and hand made affordable luxury lifestyle boutique for those who don’t want to choose which part of their life to make beautiful.

“Our Collections include accessories, home décor and creative skin and body care which harnesses plant power through natural and organic products. 

Inspiration is taken from a life long passion for global adventures and cultural inspiration, but mainly our founder’s roots as a British descendant of Yoruba (a Nigerian tribe) parents. The brand is a metaphorical melting pot, reflecting the ‘anything goes and anything grows’ nature of true London.”

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The Locs Care Set £60

About The Brand

Afrocenchix began in 2008. I had an eczema flare up on my scalp and neck – triggered by relaxer – that led to a discussion on hair loss between a friend and I in university halls. That conversation, and my uni friend’s love of using ancient natural ingredients to solve hair and scalp concerns, developed into the range so many know and love. 

“At Afrocenchix we believe the little things in life should be simple. We blend safe, effective, vegan ingredients with expertise to make hair care as simple as possible. Our Black-owned hair care business is run by people that understand and care about those with Afro, tightly coiled and curly hair, but the products are created to work on all hair types!”

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African Inspired Natural Skincare by Kutemwa

About The Brand

Kutemwa is the Zambian word for ‘Love’, carefully chosen to describe the brands inherent belief in valuing ourselves, through practicing self care and the daily ritual of skincare

Founded by Besa Musama, Besma experienced skin dryness and acne. Through using traditional botanical ingredients with natural healing properties, this helped her to achieve clearer and more radiant skin. Her daily routine is now based on natural, and naturally derived products sourced from African countries. She uses this knowledge and traditions, working with scientists in the UK to create Kutemwa Skin so that people of colour can achieve the glowing skin they deserve. 

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Clipknix adaptive Underwear

About The Brand

Clip-Knix makes attractive, patented, award-winning front-fastening underwear that can be put on easily without the need to bend or stretch or balance on one leg. Clip-Knix underwear reduces the risk of injury and allows wearers to be independent. Manufactured with soft, aesthetically pleasing stretch fabric for a perfect fit and ultimate comfort, simply place Clip-Knix in position and clip! Or button.

“At the age of 35, I suffered a severe stroke. Leaving me with reduced mobility, I couldn’t walk, it was extremely painful to bend down, and getting dressed felt like a constant everyday battle.

Like many stroke victims, I went on to experience a further serious health issue when I was diagnosed with end stage kidney failure in 2007. Once again, grace of God was shining upon me as I managed to have a successful transplant in 2011 and used my past experiences to recover, continuing to live as full a life as possible and to bring Clip Knix to market for the benefit of those, who like me, live with limited mobility.

It was then that began to formulate an idea that could fill a gaping hole in the market, which would eventually become a business.  

From this seed of an idea, Clip Knix was eventually launched as a product in 2018 and I am proud to be able to assist others who are also unable to bend or stretch when dressing.”

Funmi Lawal – Founder

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