Dr Victor launches in the UK

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Top selling New Zealand hair loss brand, Dr. Victor launches its Healthy Hair Tonic products in the UK for the first time. The tonic, which features patented scientific hair growth GeneRevive accelerates follicles hair growth. Through years of clinical research the team at Dr. Victor has developed a brand that offers effective and safe scientific solutions for preventing hair loss. Dr. Victor blends the power of science and botanicals and embodies the next generation of hair follicle gene repair philosophy.

Dr. Victor represent the most advanced and effective hair growth technology that is backed by rigorous clinical research.

Dr. Victor tonic works through GeneRevive technology, which enters the hair follicle genes and instantly repairs the missing genes, the hair follicles become thicker and the hair grows. Hair Tonic features  Kopyrrol –  which stimulates the proliferation of hair papilla cells activating follicle growth, patented ingredient Kopexil prevents fibrosis formation in the cells surrounding the follicles preventing follicle death and hair loss and Swiss patented ingredient Redensylol combines multiple essential nutrients to precisely deliver nourishment to the hair papilla cells, reactivating follicles and improving the hair growth.


  • Hair Loss: 90% Hair Loss was reduced or slowed down
  • Hair Growth: 96.67% growth is significantly accelerated
  • Hair Quality 100% improves significantly and becomes shinier
  • Scalp Enrichment 93.33% problems with dandruff and oily hair improved

To learn more and to shop visit Dr Victor here.

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