Papa Johns launches new Garlic Butter Candle

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You may have heard of massage candles, but did you ever think you would be reading about garlic butter candles? but before you get all carried away imagining you’re about to smell of garlic butter..

This candle is of the edible type. In honour of Garlic Butter day on April 19th Papa Johns delighted fans of its infamous garlic butter by launching it in candle form!

Pizza fanatics understand the crucial role garlic dip plays in the pizza-eating experience so Papa Johns’ new Garlic Candle is created to melt down into a creamy, gooey dip, ready for slices of  their pizza or piping hot sides to be dunked, and dipped.  With enough buttery and garlicky sauce to feed a whole table.

Papa John’s spokesperson noted, “We get it—our customers adore garlic, whether it’s slathered on their favourite pizza or dunked with our Garlic Pizza Sticks. So, in honour of National Garlic Day, we’re thrilled to unveil our edible candle, giving garlic aficionados a little extra sizzle at the table.”

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