The 2018 Cruise Collections

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“Fashion can create a dream, create a fantasy, it’s a kind of theatre” – Anna Wintour, The First Monday in May, 2016.

We refer to Anna Wintour’s insightful quote to highlight how the 2018 cruise collections sailed through past eras that created that very fantasy and theatre.
Be it Chanel’s Grecian strappy column heeled sandals, Dior’s Jacquard skirts that were as grand as the Grand Canyon, Louis Vuitton’s Kabuki inspired pieces and finally, Gucci’s (or Guccy’s) walking renaissance paintings, it was all whimsical.

The collections all met half way, not in pieces, but in reference to time – viewing how these designers touched on momentous times only shows that regardless of the pace, and time that the fashion industry’s moving in, the present can’t survive without glimpses, or in this context, appliqué’s from the past.

Here are a few of our favourite looks that highlighted the 2018 cruise collections:




Louis Vuitton

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