CALORIE FREE CHOCOLATE – Oh yes it’s true…

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Love is the air….

With love very much on everyone’s mind this month. Our Beauty Editor Zaynab shares her pick of beauty treats to make you look and feel special throughout the month.

Glow Red Clay Masque 125ml


Clay Spray have developed the Glow Red Clay Masque With Cacao for a luxurious at-home spa facial. Using finest cacao – chocolate in its purest form – the Glow Clay Masque delivers incredible nutrients found in cacao, as well as the holistic benefits of chocolate thanks to its delicious, scent that comes from the Cacao.  GLOW is rich in antioxidants, vitamins A,B,D,E & K and fatty acids which are excellent skin emollients, as well as a whole host of minerals, including magnesium to repair and improve the skin barrier function.

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