The Chedi Muscat – the jewel in the crown of Oman

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Every time I have the opportunity to review a hotel for Habibti Magazine, I always leave thinking that was the best so far, nothing can top that – and then I was invited by at The Chedi Muscat.

Oman and its people are world renowned for their hospitality, accompany that with five star service of The Chedi Muscat and you know this is going to be something special.

The Chedi magic starts at the airport with The Chedi’s limousine service, where I I’m greeted by The Chedi’s hotel representative who drives me to the hotel in a Mercedes C Class; with cold towels, bottled water as well as Wi-Fi, hashtag winning!

The Chedi Muscat is set against a backdrop of the Al Hajar Mountains and Gulf of Oman, set in twenty-one-acres of lush green pristinely landscaped gardens.

The Chedi pays homage to local Omani heritage, with traditional Omani architect, open courtyard style leading to gardens and 158 beautiful guest rooms and villas.
The hotel is exceptionally well designed, spacious yet extremely intimate, giving a feeling of being invited in a royal palace.

The hotel boasts of six restaurants and two lounges and I made myself very familiar with The Restaurant and The Club lounge. But not before I unpack and make myself comfortable in my villa.

My villa is located right beside the ocean and The Chedi Pool, which is one of three gloriously beautiful swimming pools, the other two being The Serai Pool and the Long Pool, aptly named for being the region’s longest swimming pool at 103-metres long.

My villa opens to a large living area with wall to wall lounging sofa, coffee table, interactive flat screen TV, coffee and tea station, writing desk, and enters out to a semi – private back courtyard.

The bedroom leads in from the living room, extremely spacious with a king size bed, vanity area and beautiful domed ceiling.

The bathroom is equally spacious with two individual vanity areas set up on either side of the bathroom, a walk in shower and a deep, Jacuzzi bath tub.

The room is fitted with all the amenities plus extra such as a variety of spirits, nuts, and dried and fresh fruits.

Settled in, I reluctantly leave my beautiful villa to have lunch at The Restaurant.  The Restaurant is bright and spacious, with large arches and bay windows.  Four open kitchens are busy with preparing Western, Asian, Middle Eastern and Indian cuisine, and to accompany the delicious cuisines is The Chedis’ award-winning wine list.

Lunch is a delicious and indulgent affair, with an extensive menu to choose from.  The waiting staff are incredibly attentive and knowledgeable making my first meal at The Chedi one to remember.

Walking back to my villa after lunch is an adventure in itself as I end up being lost and have to retrace my steps, but honestly I don’t mind one bit, as it gives me an opportunity to take in the gardens of The Chedi; the green lush grass, against the pristine white villas and black wrought work, topped off by the immaculate blue sky – every step, every turn is a picture perfect moment.

Not only is The Chedi strikingly beautiful it is also extremely peaceful with a very good calm energy. Maybe it’s because of its proximity to two of Gods awesome natural wonders, Al Hajar Mountains and Gulf of Oman. Whatever the reason, my first few hours at The Chedi so far have been rejuvenating.

As evening falls on my first night, I head to the Club Lounge, which is accessible to Deluxe Club Room, Deluxe Club Terrace and Chedi Club Suites to guests.

The Club Lounge is an exclusive and private lounge and library that I can only describe as an elegantly European influenced club lounge.  Equipped with seating areas, computer work stations, business services, it is an ideal place to work or enjoy an evening drink in a peaceful environment

Afternoon at the Club lounge is a serving of fruits, nuts and dried fruits as well as teas and coffees, and early evening, the lounge serves cocktails, drinks and canapés.

As I leave the Club Lounge, the sun has already set and the gardens have turned into a setting for a romantic classical movie.  Pathways are it up with flame torches and the sky is a beautiful dark blue. I make it back to my villa with a few detours that end up with me being driven back to my villa in a buggy by the very helpful concierge.

The next morning I wake fully refreshed and recharged, it’s the energy here.  I make my way to The Restaurant for breakfast and am secretly pleased with myself for not getting lost this time.

Breakfast is unlike most hotel breakfasts; I’m offered an extensive and diverse a la carte menu. For those who love the buffet aspect of breakfast, do not despair, there is a large buffet that spreads across the restaurant offering a large variety of cereals, fresh fruit, cheeses, pastries, breads, cold cuts and fresh juices.

Breakfast is a leisurely pleasure, which I especially enjoy at The Chedi; the bright sunlit restaurant, the activity in the open kitchens, the quite chatter of guest, and the smiles of the waiting staff.

After breakfast I head to the Spa & Wellness Centre, one of the largest spas in Muscat, at 1,500-square-metre for Ancient Balinese Massage.

The Spa is beautifully decorated and welcoming. Having gone through my health concerns and problem areas, I choose my preferred massage oil and head to therapy room.

The therapy room is sectioned into a private welcome area where I am able to change and have a welcome foot soak, which is followed by an hour of massage in the connecting room.

The massage is heavenly, just what I needed to tip me into the land of fairies and unicorns, and I go there without complaints. Relaxed, happier and slightly giddy, I am led to what is the most breathtaking relaxation room I have ever seen.
Picture the reoccurring courtyard theme of the hotel with a beautiful water feature in the middle of the room and loungers facing uninterrupted views of the Oman Gulf. I sit speechless as I take in this awe-inspiring view. It takes me a while to leave and head back to my villa taking in all the beauty of the gardens.

That afternoon, with my laptop tucked under my arm, I head to the business lounge and without realising it, have my most productive few hours that I have ever had.

Occasionally looking up to acknowledge the waiter as he brings me my drink, I don’t realise where the time has gone until he informs me that evening canapés are now served. Afternoon to evening in a blink of an eye and I have replied to emails, written an article and transferred images from one device to another – I’ll say it again, it’s the energy here.

I convince myself that I’ve earned an evening snack and help myself to delicious canapé assortments of spring rolls, bite size burrata & tomatoes, and tuna ceviche and spend the evening browsing through the extensive and well-stocked library. It’s quiet in the Club Lounge, I’ve done more work than I was expecting and I indulge in some quiet evening reading time.

My second night is equally blissful and I wake up with the same recharged feeling.   I head to The Restaurant for breakfast, to the same smiling faces – and they remember my coffee order, making me smile.

Breakfast is as lovely as the day before and I take my time over breakfast again, enjoying the ambience and relaxing murmur of guests and waiting staff.

After breakfast I head to the pool and again admire the beauty of the pool against the backdrop of the Gulf of Oman. Dipping in and out of the pool and reading by poolside, I happily spend a few hours soaking up the sun and fresh mountain air.

Later that morning, I head to the Club Lounge for another hour of so of productivity. It’s quiet, it’s inviting, and it’s perfect for working.

Work done, I head back to the room to prepare for check out and reflect how The Chedi Muscat has been the most relaxing yet most productive hotels stays for me to date. The energy of the hotel and the natural beauty has helped me not only to work my best but also to take in beautiful moments and fully recharge and rejuvenate.

The Chedi Muscat offers tranquility, beauty, nature and five star service, making it perfect for a relaxing holiday, honeymoon or as I found it to be – a distraction free, productive work-cation.

The Chedi Muscat is the jewel in the crown of Oman, and should be on every person’s list of hotels to visit.

For more information:

The Chedi Muscat

18th November Street
Al Khuwair Muscat,
Sultanate of Oman
Tel: (968) 2452 44 00

Social media @thechedimuscat

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