The Crayola Experience – Every Crayon Lover’s Dream

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Imagination, colour, and hands-on fun. That’s  what we found when we visited The Crayola Experience Orlando. The 70,000-square-foot attraction at The Florida Mall features 25 interactive stations where both kids and adults can enjoy creative activities.

Wrap It Up! is the first activity, at this attraction you can personalize and print an authentic Crayola crayon label to create your own unique Crayola crayon! You are invited to choose the motif shape (flower, heart, guitar, crown, football, alien) and then add a name. Each of the 4 colour stations will give you up to 4 different colour crayons each but you do need 1 token for each personalized crayon you want.

Next stop was Be A Star this is where YOU are the star in your very own colouring page. becoming a colouring page is as easy as pushing a button & posing next to some of your favourite Crayola characters.

Art Alive: Create digital works of art and project them onto the wall to become part of a bigger scene. Walk up and touch your drawing to bring it to life! Make your butterflies take flight! Or watch your fish swim away in the projected underwater seascape.

Sculpt colourful creations using Crayola Model Magic at the Modelling Madness station. You can roll it, mould it, and even blend and swirl your own colours. This is the second area where you will need 1 token per pack of Crayola Model Magic that you want. Tables with rolling pins, markers, and cookie cutters help bring your creativity alive. The Model Magic takes about 72 hours to dry completely.

Toddler Town. Crayola’s youngest fans learn and play in colourful ways too! Play with a multi-coloured pegboard or climb and slide in a space that’s fit just for them.

In the Puzzle It kid-powered attraction, you can press your own hand-drawn design through puzzle makers. You can cut your creation into 12 pieces to take home!

Melt & Mold lets you create your own crayon keepsake! Choose from a seahorse, ring, car etc. Just load your favourite crayon colour into the machine and watch your crayon melt into a Crayola Experience keepsake! You only get one colour choice but it’s fun to see what your new crayon will be mixed with because some of the wax from a previous user will always be left behind and mix in.

Colour Magic: Turn your colouring page into a 4-D adventure in this new attraction! In this augmented reality experience, you can see your colouring page come alive! Virtually control the dragon you just coloured as it roars and comes to life while responding to your direction. You can even take a selfie with it!

Meltdown: Use melted wax to paint in a whole new way! Choose from a variety of crayon colours to create wax art on paper.


Doodle In The Dark: In this interactive dark room, vibrant neon colours explode on large doodle boards. Make your art glow in the dark! Choose from several games to play on the interactive floor that responds to your motions.

Paint Palette: No Crayola day would be complete without a painting project! A visit to the larger-than-life drying oven ensures your masterpiece is ready to take home.

Scribble Square: Scribble Square is a town that is completely white! But that’s not all. Each of the things you see are made from whiteboard material so you can colour all over the dog and then wipe it clean and start over.

You Design: Anyone can be a designer! In this interactive virtual design studio, you can colour, scan & digitally accessorise your car or runway fashion design then show it off in the spotlight. Watch as your dress walks the runway or see your car vroom down the course on a huge projected screen.

Rainbow Rain: In this interactive experience, you’ll magically catch melting digital wax with your body and hands! Watch as your shadow shapes the brightly-coloured droplets in this digital marvel that you control!

Recharge at Café Crayola where you can enjoy a variety of foods from pizza to salads to gluten free options. Or if you just need a quick snack you can stop at the Snack Shack.

The Crayola store on the way out is a must stop experience in itself!! you can stock up on every colour crayon ever made, buy plush Crayola toys, craft kits and keepsakes.

Admission is $19.99 ($16.99 online) per person. Once inside 23 of the 25 activities are “free”. Two of the stations “Wrap It Up!” and “Modelling Madness” will cost you 1 token (which is 50 cents) .


Our Kids Writer’s recap: I loved my day at Crayola, I spent 4 hours and loved every minute of it. The activities were really fun and I had so much to take home with me too! Go check it out….

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