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With a high number of women seeking implants and fillers to achieve the desired model-look (it is estimated that by 2020, 1.5 million people in the UK will have had a treatment such as Botox or fillers) we were excited to discover how INDIBA® facials have taken the aesthetic world by storm with their Flawless Finish Facial. They are amongst the most sought-after treatments by top models and celebrities in Spain.


‘non-surgical, non-invasive, pain-free and with zero downtime’



Lunchtime tweakments are gaining huge popularity in the UK  and INDIBA® treatments define the jawline, reduce under-eye bags, lift your cheeks and tighten your jowls  in as little as 15 minutes!

With clinically proven results, INDIBA’s  second generation technology is backed by medical professionals including prestigious Harley Street doctors.  INDIBA facials re-balance the ion cellular exchange in your skin, regaining elasticity and reducing fat – revolutionising the ‘lunch-break facial’ with clinically proven results



Our Editor in Chief  recently popped in to try out their Flawless Finish Facial with the gorgeous Emily at Alex Silver PR at their beautiful top floor Pamper Room in Piccadilly. Read on, to discover her review.


My treatment started with a relaxing cleanse to remove my make up and prep my skin for the actual facial. Then a cream is applied to the skin and also to an electric probe that I was required to hold throughout the treatment. The treatment is split into two parts, one was to raise the internal temperature of the tissue as part of a relaxing yet effective circular massage treatment that works to stimulate collagen production and increase circulation, targeting specific areas of concern whilst tightening the skin and improving the delivery of nutrients and removal of waste products. This is acheived via a warm capacitive electrode which is smoothed over the neck and face.

A resistive electrode which is at a lower heat level is then applied over the same area to complete the 2-stage facial. This non-invasive treatment is the perfect way to relax and with no healing time, redness or blotchiness, you can go back to the office without any tell-tale signs!



As you can see the image on the left is as I arrived, with my makeup on. (I do need say just for my own peace of mind, I have just started a new course of medication which annoyingly is making my face bloat much more than i’d like!! ughhhh.)

Then the one on the right is immediately after the treatment. The most obvious difference is the jawline. It has completely changed the definetion, making it much more chiselled.

A week post treatment, I had lots of compliments on my face looking slimmer, so that is definetely a win win!!

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