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During the annual market titled “The Nest” in The Kingdom of Bahrain, upcoming artists, brands and creatives emerge on the sidewalks and market space of Adliya. Amongst many, Flaws happened to be a part of them. Not only did the stall attract individuals with varied personalities, but it caused a stir and initiated dialogue.

Habibti Magazine interviewed the four Omani women behind the brand about the concept, message and aim.

Tell us about the team behind Flaws, and how the concept developed into a brand?

FLAWS is the result of four Omani women who’ve known each other since kindergarten. We came together to learn more about our country and people’s stories, and decided to start an Instagram page called “HIKAYAT” to spread awareness. We moved on to a more creative medium and decided to send messages through fashion, and merged our unique and extremely different senses of style to form a cohesive brand. Having been brought up in similar ways, we continuously use our collective cultures to assemble pieces that reflect our views of society as we break free from the bubble we grew up in.

In a time where differences and flaws are celebrated, how impactful do you think your brand and clothing pieces are, in shaping the millennial perception, towards fashion, or the fashion industry as a whole?

Each product designed explores the connotations behind society’s views of “character flaws”. The products challenge these views and promote the idea that our “flaws” are not something to be overcome, but to be embraced as facets of our individuality. This concept is prevalent in the backward ‘S’ in our brand logo, which appears to be the right way around in the wearer’s reflection, while the rest is reversed; we encourage them to let go of the antiquated perception of societal norms being the only “correct” notion of character, and to embrace and accept their own individuality and self-expression. We hope that through making our merchandise available to the masses we can share our message, particularly with those who have grown up in similar cultures in surrounding nations.

Since its establishment in 2016, how has the general public reacted to Flaws? What are some pieces, that gained the most attention?

As a team, we weren’t really expecting much when FLAWS first started, but we wanted to try out best to get our message out there. Fortunately, the reaction was very positive and the outcome was way better than expected. We’ve grown to have loyal customers and a good support system. Strangely, each piece resonated differently with changing audiences in different countries. For example, ‘LAPSE’ and ‘GUISE’ were the most popular in Oman, ‘AGAVE’ in Jeddah, and ‘SOLO’ in Bahrain.

Remaining true to your aesthetic, you’ve worked with Omani photographer Fatma Al Bakry and Kuwaiti blogger Taiba Al Nassir.
Is there a certain characteristic you look for when photographing an individual for your brand? If so, what is it?

A “vibe” – that’s what we look for! A vibe could be any characteristic. Just be yourself.

From producing Iron-on-patches, to embroidered sweaters; what’s next for Flaws?

FLAWS has so much more to introduce, which will be revealed in upcoming collections and projects. Our ultimate aim is not only to introduce clothing, but also to send messages through different mediums, thus making the brand a “lifestyle”.

To purchase clothing pieces by FLAWS, please visit their website, and stay up to date with their latest news on social media.

Twitter: @flawsinc

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