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Mattel Unveils New Set of Inclusive Dolls

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Mattel and Barbie unveil a new set of dolls to the Fashionistas line, intended to highlight inclusivity and celebrate children from diverse backgrounds. The dolls featured include a Barbie with a hearing aid, a Ken doll with vitiligo, and a doll with a prosthetic leg.

For the Barbie with a hearing aid, a first for Mattel, the company worked with an audiologist, Dr. Jen Richardson, to help imitate the behind-the-ear hearing aids. Richardson says that ‘it’s inspiring to see those who experience hearing loss reflected in a doll.’

According to a release by the company, Mattel has more than 175 dolls in its Fashionistas line, which include a ‘variety of skin tones, eye colors, hair colors and textures, body types, disabilities and fashions.’

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