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As Menopause Awareness Month comes to an end, we’ve had lots of conversations this month and learnt so much more than we knew at the beginning of the month.

To roundup, we wanted to delve further into the impact of peri-menopause and the Menopause on our bodies and wellbeing.

As much as the menopause may be viewed as liberating and empowering, one aspect that can’t be ignored is its impact on the skin. During menopause, the body experiences a decline in estrogen levels, which leads to various skin changes.

Health, beauty and wellbeing play a key role during menopause, helping make this transition smoother and much more comfortable.

Some of the skin symptoms associated with menopause include dryness, thinning, and sagging. Other visible signs include wrinkles, age spots and uneven skin tones.

Skincare products that are rich in hyaluronic acid, vitamin C, and peptides are some of the best options for women looking to improve their skin during menopause. Choose products that are gentle and free of harsh chemicals. Vitamin E is also fantastic to help protect the skin against damage.

Equally important is spending time on yourself and your body. Exercise, even just a few minutes a day, can help combat the symptoms of menopause, such as weight gain and mood swings. Yoga and Pilates are great forms of exercise for menopausal women as they are low-impact and focus on mindfulness and relaxation. Self-care activities like getting a massage, meditating, or spending time in nature can also help reduce stress and promote relaxation.

After carrying out extensive research into the best beauty products, treatments and supplements, we’ve compiled a list of our favourites.  


Øthers Mystic Zingaro/Red Skies 50ml £90 (with six month app access)

Mystic Zingaro is a Functional fragrance made with olfactive technology, designed to achieve a deeper sense of relaxation. Freedom from crowded thoughts, a way to assuage the desire for disengagement from an overstimulated world. Relearn a sense of deceleration and unburden your mind. Breathe the scent of clarity, calm and the open air.

Red Skies this functional fragrance will help lift you up, energise your body and stimulate your mental agility, increasing your drive and attention. 

Use these powerful functional fragrances to prime yourself for daily practices, meditations and breathwork with the ØTHERS app. Each purchase includes 6 months access to the app, just scan the insert card inside the box and use your unique access code supplied to unlock your membership.

ØTHERS is a new multi-sensory digital wellness experience with a 360° fusion of scent, sound, technology, and science to biomechanically re-tune, bringing you back to centre.

Tried & Tested – Samantha Grocutt, MD at Essence PR.

It’s a product that I’ve been finding really helpful with calming thoughts, anxiety and centering my mind – especially as the menopause is in full swing with me and my HRT not 100% effective yet.

For me, I really think this app could be a great ‘switch off’ for us in the menopause – I’ve been listening to the ‘ponder’ element for the last few weeks since I downloaded the app and it’s definitely calming my anxiety levels.  It has mediation and breathing exercises too.  All great to help keep more grounded and respite from all that’s happening around us and in our bodies! 

Learn more Here

Olverum Sleep Ritual £75

Pioneers of green beauty since 1931, this award-winning, cult beauty and wellbeing brand creates high performance luxury products which work to restore your essential you. Applying the latest discoveries in botanical cosmetic science to expertise in aromatherapy and aromachology, Olverum’s innovative formulations, made with ethically produced and sustainable ingredients, are recognised internationally as best in class.

To unwind and relax a busy mind and tired muscles, upgrade your bedtime routine and be transported with the Olverum Sleep Ritual. Featuring their iconic Bath Oil, Bath Salts, and Restful Sleep Pillow Mist, it is the perfect way to ease tension, relax aching muscles, calm your mind, and ensure a restful night’s sleep.

Shop Here

Zelens Provitamin D3 Fortifying Facial Mist, £52

An ultra-fine facial mist formulated to give dry skin a vitality boost throughout the day with provitamin D3 for a healthy-looking complexion. This hydrating face mist reinforces skin barrier function, helps protect from environmental aggressors and comforts the skin while supporting its natural recovery capacity.

Chicory root boosts the vitamin D like effect and almond esters increases moisture and softening, hyaluronic acid to hydrate and yeast to protect with an anti-inflammatory effect.

Available at 

HUM Nutrition Fan Club £44 (30 day supply)

It is no secret that for some women, the journey from perimenopause through to the menopause can be riddled with challenging symptoms. These include the infamous hot flashes and nightsweats, but also mood swings, sleep difficulties, brain fog, and sexual problems. HUM Nutrition’s latest launch, Fan Club™ can help you navigate these symptoms and encourage everyone to normalise the conversation and support women through the perimenopause and menopause.

Formulated with Siberian rhubarb and grape seed extracts, this innovative supplement aims to improve mood, menopause-related symptoms and reduce the frequency and severity of hot flushes and stress during this time. Drug and hormone-free, Fan Club utilises Siberian rhubarb extract which has decreased the frequency and severity of hot flushes and night sweats in clinical studies as well as improving the severity of other menopause-related symptoms such as vaginal dryness, sleep disturbances, mood changes and exhaustion. The infusion of grape seed extract and probiotics can help support healthy cortisol levels, improve stress support and support the gut too.

Available exclusively at Cult Beauty

Air-Lite Contouring Cream For Legs £62.00

Some say they feel like they are ‘walking through treacle’. Others that their legs feel ‘jittery’ or achy. And many of us speak of a stiffness to the joints in our hips and knees that make basic moves like getting up off the sofa a big creaky deal.

If you’ve never had leg issues before, conditions like restless and heavy legs manifest in this life chapter – even cellulite (old companion or new) and vascular issues can make themselves known. And behind much of this is oestrogen. Falling levels of this hormone impede the circulation and delivery of oxygen and fuel to muscles and cells, causing fatigue, heaviness and restlessness. The drop weakens blood vessels too, allowing blood to pool and visibly distort veins; and dimples may appear for the first time (or look worse) as oestrogen loss depletes the fibres that hold fat cells in place of the collagen that keeps them flexible.

Available at Legology

Indeed Labs me-NO-pause cooling mist, £19.99

A soothing, cooling, and hydrating mist designed specifically for pre-menopausal, menopausal or postmenopausal skin. Quickly relieves dry, flushed skin with cucumber extract, while activating a neuropeptide that breaks down the stress hormone, cortisol. Whether at home or on the go, this mist is your best quick fix to reduce puffiness, relax skin, improve skin tone, and reduce the visible signs of aging. 

Available at

Primeadine Spermidine Supplement - 90 capsules / 30 day supply £75.00

Discover Japan’s best-kept healthy aging secret.. A natural compound called spermidine, found in a Japanese fermented soybean dish called natto.

Spermidine showed great promise in supporting healthy aging with its ability to induce autophagy, our body’s cellular renewal process that slows as we age. The science was compelling – scientists were calling it ‘an anti-aging vitamin’’ 

Recommended by world-leading longevity scientists and doctors, Primeadine® is a wholly plant-derived spermidine supplement for healthy aging and enhanced cell renewal, or autophagy. Research on spermidine and human clinical trials show it to inhibit 9 of the 12 aging pathways, such as inflammation, gut dysbiosis, and stem cell and mitochondrial dysfunction, and trigger autophagy. Studies also revealed it to increase lifespan, enhance hair growth, and improve heart health, memory and cognition.

Clients typically notice: Better, deeper sleep, higher energy levels and vibrancy, faster-growing, thicker hair and hair repigmentation, stronger, healthier skin and nails, improved mental clarity and healthier digestion.

Learn more & Buy here

4.5.6. Skin Skin Bouquet Hydrating Treatment Mist, £35

A delicate, hydrating mist powered by three warm-climate flowers to refresh, revive, tone, replenish and increase light reflection in darker skin tones. 

Skin Bouquet is a deeply nourishing and hydrating treatment mist that protects skin from environmental stressors and creates an instant ‘lit from within’ glow, transforming harmful UV rays into radiant light.

Vitalised Water is the key to all-day nourishment. Containing more oxygen than tap water, paired with Orange Blossom Water to soothe inflammation, refine pores and balance the skin’s microbiome. 

What makes this product so unique is the Verbascum Thapsus Flower Extract. This incredible plant is rich in a Phyto-Complex that takes harmful UV rays and turns them into radiant light (think of it as a mirror effect) to leave the skin visibly glowing with just one spritz.

Available at

No7 Menopause Skincare Instant Radiance Serum 30ml £29.65

No7 Menopause Skincare Instant Radiance Serum has been co-created with over 7,000 menopausal women and dermatologist approved for menopausal skin. This serum helps to target the accelerated appearance of the signs of skin ageing: wrinkles look reduced and gives the apperance of firmer, younger and more radiant looking skin in 1 week** and is proven to moisturize skin.

Suitable for sensitive skin, specifically designed with an instant cooling applicator to help hot skin feel soothed.

Age Defy+ Green Beauty With Astaxanthin 60 Caps from £25.84

This synergistic blend of age-defying nutrients by Green People has exceptionally strong antioxidant properties Astaxanthin delivers a powerful rejuvenating action to support your cells and help to prevent premature skin ageing and protects skin against the effects of pollution, UV light and free radical damage

6 nutrient-rich superfoods – Astaxanthin*(which is 550 times stronger than vitamin E and 10 times stronger than beta-Carotene), Seagreens® Seaweed, Barley grass, Wheatgrass, Spirulina, Chlorella.

Buy Here

Menopause Hair Loss Shampoo £20.00

Gentle and nourishing, this Menopause Thinning Hair Shampoo is suitable for thinning hair and hair going through all three stages of menopause. Dedicated to help women with some of the uncomfortable hormonal changes experienced during menopause, the M+ shampoo is multifaceted and can be used for hair loss or voluminising the hair. Pamper yourself by giving your hair the nourishment it needs.

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Harrogate Organics Meno Relief - Menopause Kit £46.40

The Meno Relief Kit contains 4 of the most well-known and naturally effective supplements that alleviate menopause symptoms. Magnesium Spray, Ashwagandha, Evening Primrose Oil and Natural Calm. Together this combat hot flushes, fatigue and irritability and trouble sleeping so that you can start to feel you again.

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Exfo-Lite Salt Scrub For Legs £42

A potent sea and Himalayan salt scrub. Targets dry skin and puffiness to reveal super soft streamlined legs giving unparalleled softness, smoothness and sheen to legs.

Himalayan salts not only have powerful diuretic properties, so help to free trapped fluid that causes puffiness and cellulite, but they also boost circulation and lymph flow, further combatting heaviness in legs.

Buy Here

MenoGlow Collagen Boosting Cremegel Moisturiser £30.00

Buy Here

Living M Quench & Soothe Serum £35.00

Restoring hydration is essential to restoring skin plumpness and glow. Quench and Soothe Serum rebalances and calms perimenopausal and menopausal skin restoring vital hydration and protecting skins natural barrier. A next level super hydrator designed to soothe and calm sensitised perimenopausal and menopausal skin. Helps control hormonal breakouts for an ultra-hydrated, brighter, clearer complexion.

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Vichy Neovadiol Meno 5 Serum for Perimenopausal and Menopausal Skin, £29.05

Neovadiol Meno 5 Lifting and Toning Serum is a very light serum with glycolic acid, vitamin C and niacinamide, alongside barrier-supporting oils, this targets elasticity, boosts hydration and gets skin glowing again.specially formulated to support maturing skin through the changes of menopause.

Targeting the five visible signs of menopause: increased dryness, dullness, uneven skin tone, irregular texture and loss of elasticity, the serum seeks to balance the complexion and enhance vitality.

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CBD for menopause

The endocannabinoid system, or ECS, is a complex signalling system that runs through our entire body and comprises of three main components, endocannabinoids, receptors and enzymes. It’s believed that when you take CBD, it interacts with receptors in your central nervous system. 

Three Reasons why you should take CBD for menopause

1. Eases anxiety and sleepless nights

While going through menopause, you may notice your anxiety levels are extremely high compared to normal, which, in turn, can impact your sleep quality. This can be due to hormonal changes. A study published in The Permanente Journal in 2019 found that CBD can be a promising remedy for anxiety as it’s been found to have a calming effect to help ease anxiety and help you wind down for bedtime.

2. Improves bone healing

During menopause, the average decrease in bone density is approximately 10% which is why women experience osteoporosis during this difficult time. A 2020 study found that taking CBD improved bone healing, however, it’s worth noting that more research is needed to find the correct dosage and accurate data for this, particularly when taking CBD for menopause bone density loss specifically.

3. Relieves aches and pains

CBD is already a popular natural remedy due to its anti-inflammatory properties. The fluctuations in oestrogen levels associated with menopause can cause women to experience aches and pains more intensely than they would have previously. This is where CBD comes into play. As we already know, CBD interacts with our receptors and can stimulate the production of pro-inflammatory cells to encourage the immune system to create more anti-inflammatories.

Prym Health CBD Oil Drops – 600mg £29.99

Prym Health’s  THC free CBD oil drops are made with MCT oil infused with premium CBD and natural terpene blends. CBD oil is a carrier oil, typically MCT oil or hemp seed oil, that contains CBD extract. Also known as cannabidiol, CBD is the second most prevalent active ingredient in hemp plants (cannabis) and is known for many health benefits. Unlike traditional cannabis products, CBD does not contain THC, which is the compound that gets cannabis users high. CBD products in the UK are typically free of THC, or have such a low amount to comply with UK laws that you won’t experience any psychoactive side effects.

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Made of More Rescue Balm £45

For skin that needs its own rescue remedy, Made of More’s intensive rescue balm is a lifting and firming saviour. Perfect for skin that is irritated, over-sensitive, dehydrated or just unbalanced. Gentle blurring particles help to improve the appearance of skin and supportive ceramides help to heal the skin barrier.

Scientifically developed to tackle symptoms associated with fluctuating hormones. It focuses on soothing skin, with CBG (an extra-inflammatory cannabinoid), and a proprietary mushroom and plant extracted ‘HC+ Complex’ that shields, heals, nourishes and tones.

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TReatments and Therapies

VOYA menopause spa treatments

VOYA is best known for their seaweed-based skincare products and spa therapies, harvested sustainably from Strandhill, Co. Sligo in Ireland. So, it will come as no surprise that their menopause treatments also draw on the healing powers of their organic hero ingredient. “This is a time to ensure that the body and mind are nourished and in optimum health with good levels of vitamins and minerals such as A, B and E for healthy bones and teeth, and magnesium and iodine for mood swings and anxiety, all of which are found in seaweed.

VOYA’s three ‘tides’  focus on different menopause symptoms which can be tailored to the individual client according to their needs.

FORTIFY TIDE: for the body, GROUNDING TIDE: for the mind, NOURISH TIDE: for the skin

Find a Spa near you

The gentle revolution: BYONIK® lifting effect.

Image Credit

Visibly younger skin. Right from the first treatment. Completely painless and without unwanted side effects. BYONIK is gentle and permanently effective at the same time.

Designed to disrupt and dismantle the glycation and oxidation process, repair telomere fragmentation, improve antioxidant status and powerfully reduce cellular inflammation. Throughout the treatment, the patient wears a pulse oximeter sensor that catches the cell at its most bio-active and bio-receptive moment. Once the cells are receptive, they get flooded with a triple boost of energy, hydration and nutrients penetrating all layers of the skin. With zero downtime, redness or risk, the treatment is clinically proven to provide long-term skin rejuvenation and is especially beneficial for menopausal skin conditions.

This treatment delivers the ultimate in healing and repair and is particularly effective for skin symptoms associated with Menopause. The utilisation of triple Hyaluronic Acid offers a real boost of moisture penetration, locking in hydration within all layers of the skin. A unique peptide booster is also included to promote the formation of further Hyaluronic within the skin, providing long term, deep hydration, and a reduction in trans-epidermal water loss.

We visited Mariam Abbas, Advanced Facialist for a treatment in her clinic in Holland Park, London and we’re saying  yes to that Glow!! An absolutely fabulous treatment that was surprisngly relaxing and pampering too.

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Or find a Byonik Clinic near you .

Reflexology for Menopause

Reflexology has been found to be very effective in helping both the physical and emotional symptoms of the menopause without the side effects associated with drug based treatments. It is a truly wonderful therapy to help women in their journey through the menopause.

Reflexology will help to regulate the peripheral nervous system, achieved by stimulating the pituitary gland, the hypothalamus and the thymus reflex points. It can also make some of these changes more bearable and relieve the stress and tension that can cause so many side effects.

British researchers in 2002 found that both foot Reflexology and foot massage reduced menopausal symptoms of anxiety, depression, hot flushes and night sweats by some 30%-50% of what they were at the outset.” Sessions were for 45 minutes, 9 times over 19 weeks (once a week for six weeks followed by once a month for three months).

Bodyflow Reflexology tailors treatments to your specific needs, with a course of treatments recommended. Each treatment lasts about an hour and continues to deeply heal for days afterwards seeing results unfold.

“I am in full menopause for the past year and have chosen not to take HRT. I compliment my health and lifestyle in the way that we will look after you, its profoundly healing, seeing changes that you never thought possible.  We work with clients choosing so many different approaches to their menopause, whether its HRT or supplements, it doesn’t matter, we have extensive knowledge and experience and look after you in a way that you are not just another number.  My highly experienced Bodyflow therapists team visit you in your home in London, or you can visit me in the tranquil treatment room in Battersea, I also work online for those who cannot get to London or who live abroad.”

Gemma Ireland MAR CNHC Director & Co-Founder

Contact Bodyflow via Facebook /Instagram @Bodyflowlondon

Here's what some of the Experts we spoke to have to say

NHS surgical and aesthetics doctor, Dr Deepa Panch (

The menopause can affect the skin in a multitude of ways.

Dry Skin: Declining levels of oestrogen can affect the skins ability to hold water, therefore the skin becomes drier and more sensitive – in fact dry skin is one of the most common skin concerns during the menopause.

Wrinkles & Sagging Skin: Studies show that women’s skin loses about 30% of its collagen during the first five years of menopause. Collagen is a key protein that gives our skin structural support and keeps it from sagging –  so as the collagen decreases, the skin loses it firmness and begins to sag.

Bruising: As oestrogen levels fall, skin becomes thinner, the skin becomes more fragile and prone to bruising and can take longer to heal.

Acne & Facial Hair: Other signs include the development of acne or hirsutism (excess hair) on the face due to the hormonal imbalances that occur.

What skin products should we prioritise in our menopause?

Daily SPF as a bare minimum is essential regardless of what life-stage you are.  As well as protecting the face, take your sun protection down to your neck and décolletage as these are areas that are also prone to the signs of ageing.

An antioxidant serum such as vitamin C is great for minimising damage to our skin cells and reducing pigmentation.

Retinol is the most potent anti-ageing ingredient and providing your skin isn’t hypersensitive, I always recommend it to patients – although remember to start at a low %. I also usually advise a deeply hydrating moisturiser to help tackle the issues of dryness that many of us face as we age.

Dr Shahzadi Harper – aka The Perimenopause Doctor

Sexy, confident, strong… not words we generally use to describe how we feel when menopause hits us. But they could be…they should be! Looking good, feeling healthy and yes, sexy, are all within reach of each and every woman Age should not define us!

Many women tend to suffer from Low Vitamin D levels which is known to cause symptoms such as fatigue, low mood and can also be a factor in weight gain, so it’s essential that women boost their Vitamin D. 

Magnesium, often called natures calmer, can also helps to relieve the symptoms of perimenopause and PMS, and it can help with those feelings of anxiousness and poor sleep while a vitamin B-6 supplement taken during and after menopause can help prevent symptoms caused by low serotonin levels. 


Diet is key! It’s important to ensure your body is still getting all the correct nutrition and the right supplement can help with this. The Viviscal Healthy Hair Vitamins contain iron which plays an important part in red blood cell formation which affects hair health. You can also get your daily dose of phytoestrogens in the form of supplements or by eating estrogen-rich foods such as nuts and seeds, oats, coffe, tofu and olive oil. Vitamin D is one of the most common natural supplements for perimenopause. It’s proven to combat heart disease, osteoporosis, hypertension, weight gain, diabetes, depression, and some types of cancer.

Menopause Fitness & Coaching

Don’t Pause for the Menopause A bespoke 8 week programme designed to coach perimenopausal, menopausal and postmenopausal women. Led by Meera Bhogal and a team of nutrition and wellbeing professionals, you will learn how to manage your fitness, nutrition and lifestyle to feel confident, strong and happy in yourself!

Learn more Here

Midlife Makeover offer a range of weekly online menopause focussed fitness classes – all taught by women who understand how to teach classes you look forward to. Classes dedicated to helping you build muscle, improve bone strength, and reduce stress and of course, help with weight control.

Learn more Here

Join menopause fitness expert, Julie Robinson, for a free MenoWorkout to help you improve your fitness, muscle tone, bone health and body confidence. A fun way to burn calories and enjoy a mood-boosting, time-saving workout which you can do whenever you choose in the comfort of your own home.

Learn more Here

Move with the Menopause shows you what exercises are best, what types of exercise can help, but also key facts everyone should know to help the body and mind through this stage of life. From managing common symptoms of the menopause, discovering pelvic floor health, understanding bone health, and your metabolism and fat burning.

Learn more Here

Jo’s Menopause Metamorphosis Programme™ A 6 week fitness springboard, to set you on the right path to embrace and alleviate the effects of menopause.

Jo, 52, went through early menopause at the age of 32. She’s a trainer who understands and has been helping women for many years.
Whether you are peri-menopausal, menopausal, or post-menopausal, she’s here to help you too.

Learn more Here

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