Zait al Mu’ajiza, Miracle Oil

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Known as Zait al Mu’ajiza or Miracle Oil – Argan Oil has been coined the beauty secret of North Africa and the Mediterranean women for hundreds of years.
This liquid gold is renowned for being the best natural skincare with a multiple of uses, and is a beauty staple for the whole body.

Some of it’s uses include: night time moisturizer, also known as sleep oil, gentle skin toner, without the harshness of chemical toners, exfoliator when mixed with brown sugar, best for acne because of its high linoleum content, prevents stretch marks and is safe to use during pregnancy and whilst breastfeeding, heals razor bumps and shaving burn, can be used as a full body moisturizer, deep hair conditioning, leave in hair conditioning, lip balm, for strong, healthy nails, it also soften hard cuticles, moisturises dry, cracked heels and also can be used as a Beard oil, promotes eyelash growth and tattoo care.

Intrigued by this miracle oil, we recently came across Mariamas Organic Argan Oil and sat with the lady behind the business, Mariama.

A keen cyclist, hiker, swimmer and now an entrepreneur, we asked Mariama what inspired her to start her new business.

Originally from Morocco, Mariama moved to Bahrain in 2015. When she left Morocco for Bahrain, it was only then she began to miss things she took for granted before, such as pure argan oil.

‘When I was living in Morocco, argan oil was easily available but when I moved to Bahrain, I couldn’t find the real pure argan oil that I was used to. I tried many different types of argan oil available here, but they weren’t the same; they were mixed with base oil. The smell, colour and texture were inferior to the pure argan oil I was familiar with.”

On one of her trips back to Morocco, Mariama bought argan oil as gifts for her close friends. They were so impressed with the quality of the argan oil, they encouraged Mariama to start her business.

“Initially I didn’t take it seriously and thought it was something I would consider doing in the future, but one friend in particular kept pushing to start the business. Finally I took the plunge and started the business. The response has been phenomenal”.

What makes Mariama’s Organic Argan Oil different to other oils is the direct sourcing from the manufacturer.

“In Morocco there is a variety of different quality of oil, so you have to know exactly where to source it. I always make sure I source the original and the purest oil.
I make sure I know where it came from, that it’s original and not mixed with base oils. I source the highest quality of argan oil and I’ve partnered up directly with the manufacturer. I have a close relationship with her; a lovely lady who makes the oil in front of me. Although it’s a long process, I am able to monitor every stage.”

Starting with argan oil, Mariama has recently expanded her product range into argan soaps.

‘I am a nature lover and I am a huge advocate for everything organic. My products give women an alternative to processed and chemically manufactured products and help to achieve natural beautiful skin. I wanted to compliment the argan oil with argan soap, to build a complete yet easy skincare routine for my clients; first an argan soap to clean and cleanse your face and body followed by the argan oil to moisturise and hydrate the skin and body. The soap is the same high quality organic argan as the oil and I’m very happy with it. My clients have given me great feedback.

Beyond the oil and soap, Mariama plans to extend the range into haircare and will be launching argan shampoo and conditioner soon.

“As a Moroccan and an ambassador of my country, I want to positively represent my country and showcase our natural and organic argan products. I want to encourage women to embrace their natural beauty. I want them to strip back to the basics, to give their skin, nails and hair pure natural hydration and nourishment. Healthy skin, hair and nails are crucial for providing the right canvas for you to enhance your natural beauty.

We need to take care of ourselves, not just by what we eat and put into our bodies, but also be conscious of what we are putting on our bodies.’’

For orders and enquiries:
Instagram @mariamasorganicarganoil

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