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Maison de Joelle, the luxury chain of salons founded by business woman, and beauty icon Joelle Mardinian, has opened further branches in Bahrain and the Middle East.

The latest addition to the luxury chain of salons, in BlissLab Seef Mall, offers its signature hair, body, skin and nail treatments. With branches in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Al Ain, Riyadh, Jeddah, Qatar, Tunisia, Kurdistan, the new branch in BlissLab Seef Mall in Bahrain marks a new milestone of success for the chain of salons.

Maison de Joelle is best known for transformational make overs that make clients look great, and also making them feel more beautiful and confident.

Joelle Mardinian, Business Woman, Beauty Entrepreneur, TV Host of hit reality TV series Joelle and CEO of Joelle Group, expressed her excitement, “I am so glad Maison de Joelle is in so much demand and people actually recognise good quality. Maison de Joelle has flourished beyond my imagination and I could not be happier with the new launch in Bahrain.”

Habibti Magazine had the immense honour to sit and talk with the icon Joelle and we asked her three questions; what is beauty, what is love and what is success?

In her own words ….

What is beauty?

Beauty is more than one thing, but the real beauty is what’s on the inside.
Beauty is when someone is pure and connected to God. You love others and are happy for others, with no room for jealousy. And when there is jealousy – we all feel that sometimes, to be able to crush it and remove it. It’s how you control any negative thought and turn that into something positive.
Beauty is how you are on the inside; it shows through your smile, your eyes, the way you behave, the way you are towards people.

Also beauty for me is when we take care of ourselves; this is what I’ve been doing on the show for the last 15 years; bringing women who have neglected themselves and through taking care of them, their hair, their skin, pampering them, giving them encouragement and compliments.

You witness a transformation, you see this person turn into a flower, this person suddenly has a lot of self confidence, who when I ask at the end “how do you see yourself?” she says  “I feel like a star, I feel like a queen, I feel special, I look so beautiful.’’  These are the same women who before coming on the show, thought they were less than ordinary.

So this is beauty; when you are able to encourage others to get the best out of them. All I did was take care of what they’ve been neglecting; hair, skin, nails, the way you look, it affects your mood, it makes you feel like you’re still living.   When you start to neglect yourself, a lot of things start to follow, you start to lose your self confidence bit by bit, you start to feel like no one looks at me anymore, I’m invisible, you start to feel like ‘what does it matter what I look like?’

It’s not a beauty queen who defines beauty, its doing your best, looking your best everyday, regardless of your physical features –  and looking like someone who truly takes care of themselves on the outside and inside.

What is love?

Love is everything, we are nothing if we don’t feel or experience love.

There are so many different levels of love and different types of love.
The way I love my husband is different to the way I love my children, its different to the way I love my parents and its different to the way I love my friends and its different to the way I’m now experiencing a new type of love for my adopted son.

I’ve been blessed, I’m someone that God has given a lot of love to; love from my family, love from people who know me and love from people who don’t know me.

And I’m also grateful that God has given me a lot of love to share.
I say ‘I love you’ all the time to my kids, to my team, and I say it like people say hello and goodbye so I’m very conscious of love and I am driven by love.

That is also true for my businesses; I opened Masion De Joelle because of my fans. Even my business started because of love. Because I wanted to have a business that can cater for my fans and I did it with love.

From the very first Maison De Joelle, I chose the floor tiles, wallpaper, light fixtures, the chandeliers, the uniforms, the branding, hiring the team, meeting with suppliers and distributors. It was a project that started with love, even with the name; Maison de Joelle, the house of Joelle, I’m welcoming everyone into my home.

So love to me is a big word, it’s like the roots of a tree, when you see tree, you know the roots are just as big. So when people see that I’m spreading so much love, they know that love is coming from somewhere very deep inside of me and it has no end.

What is success?

I only work for success. For me if my clients are satisfied, then I’m successful. If my employees trust me and respect me and love me then I’m successful.

If the brands love to deal with me and they want to involve me in their marketing strategy then I’m successful. If I’m able to grow then I’m successful.

I’m working on a brand that I want to survive for generations. I don’t want to just think of today and tomorrow, it’s about building a brand that will thrive.

Success is a combination of vision and a lot of hard work.

For more information:

Maison De Joelle
BlissLab, Seef Mall
Seef District

Telephone: 17 101261

Social Media @maisondejoellebahrain

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