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NINO recently unveiled a new weekend breakfast menu Buongiorno NINO and Habibti Magazine was invited to experience the new Nino breakfast menu at RUW, Riffa.

Weekend breakfasts are not a new concept in Bahrain, with the already established Friday Brunches and now up coming Saturday Brunches; diners are spoilt for choice, so we were interested to see what Nino would bring to the table, literally.

Out of the two Nino locations, the RUW based Nino is the first to roll out the breakfast menu and the ambience of the restaurant work perfectly for breakfast goers. After which, Nino Seef was to follow with the breakfast menu.

The quiet location and easy parking makes Nino RUW a convenient place to visit when you are feeling a bit frazzled from a busy and hectic week. Add to that the beautiful aesthetics of the restaurant; with plenty of natural sunlight and neutral minimalist décor, it is the perfect atmosphere to enjoy a long, quiet lazy Friday or Saturday morning.  For those who are feeling particularly tender, there are plenty of quieter and cosier corners in the restaurant to enjoy your breakfast.

The décor of the restaurant doubles up as a social media enthusiasts delight, with every corner offering a perfect ‘for the gram’ moment.

Speaking of photos, don’t put away your smart phones just yet; Ninos’ have pulled out all the stops when it comes to plate presentation, resulting in each dish being picture perfect. It would be criminal not to take a photo.

The menu is substantial and varied, offering international and local dishes ranging from a regional favourite, Shakshuka to Turkish Simit and Japanese pancakes.
As well as this, diners are able to choose both meat and meat-free dishes, without feeling limited in choice.   I opted for meat-free dishes and was pleased with the variety available to me, having chosen to avoid meat that day.

To start, I ordered the Mozzarella Focaccia, which is topped with green olive tapenade, cherry tomatoes and basil. Presentation was impeccable, but that was just the start.   As I cut into the bread, it had the perfect crust, giving a crisp sound each time I cut into the bread whilst still being soft and fluffy inside (side note, I can’t forget the sound, it was perfection). The crisp skin of the focaccia, soft fluffy bread, with the warm buffalo mozzarella, contrasting with the olive tapenade and sweet cherry tomatoes was perfection.

This was followed by Eggs Florentine; two perfectly poached eggs on a warm, slightly toasted croissant topped with a perfectly balanced hollandaise sauce with sautéed spinach, mushrooms and hash brown florets on the side. Again, presentation was of a high standard and the dish tasted divine.

Portion sizes are very generous and I struggled to get through these two dishes. However, purely for research purposes, I was compelled to order a sweet dish.
I was intrigued by the description of the Japanese Pancakes, and I wasn’t disappointed.

The Japanese Pancakes were almost muffin looking buttermilk pancakes, served with melted butter, mascarpone cream, blackberry compote and caramelised banana. The presentation was the best so far, and it was a sheer delight to look at the food and even more to taste it.

Everything about the Nino Breakfast menu is very sophisticated; from the menu selection, quality of food and presentation.

A cap in the feather for the Nino team; all the food and sauces are made fresh upon each order. No store bought sauces bottles to be found here, a perfect example would be the caramel used for the bananas in the Japanese Pancakes, a fresh small batch was made as soon as I ordered the pancakes. And this is not special Editor treatment; this is the standard set for the breakfast menu for each diner to enjoy.

The breakfast menu is available every weekend from 8am-1pm at Nino RUW and Nino Seef District.

For more information:
Call: Nino RUW 13 613666 / Nino Seef District 17 566555
Instagram: @ninobahrain

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