Chicken Guy by ‘The Boss of Sauce’ Guy Fieri

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Nestled below the Planet Hollywood Observatory at Disney Springs Orlando, is quite possibly the coolest chicken joint you will visit.

Chicken ‘Guy’ is the brainchild of Guy Fieri and restaurateur Robert Earl, who also owns the internationally renowned ‘Planet Hollywood’. The two first teamed up when Guy launched his Burger and sandwich Menu at Planet Hollywood.



Here at Habibti, we’re not huge fans of fast food, but Chicken Guy is not your average fast food joint. What drew us in was the fact that Chicken Guy do not use any antibiotics in their chicken, which actually worried us into thinking how many restaurants do?!  The second, which we believe contributes heavily into how good the chicken tastes, is that they hand pound and bread the chicken fresh daily, meaning their chicken is never frozen.

What’s on Offer

We were given a fabulous introduction by the manager Brett, who was a brilliant host.  As the name suggest, The hero on the menu is chicken. It doesn’t take ages to work through the menu, as you can have your chicken as a Burger, Salad or simply just Tenders.

If you know Guy, you will know how much he loves sauce and he does not disappoint in this category either. There are twenty two, yes we said twenty different sauces on offer from classics like buffalo and buttermilk ranch to cumin lime mojo and avocado crema. According to Chicken Guy there are 407,560,8180 sauce combinations one can concoct.

What We Ate

First up was the Southwest Sweetcorn Salad that is topped with sliced Chicken tenders. A streetstyle tex mex salad with Charred corn, slaw, roasted peppers, black beans, tomatoes, red onions, grilled scallions & crispy tortilla strips, served with cumin lime mojo & chipotle ranch sauce, great as an appetizer for two or a main for one. We enjoyed this crunchy fresh salad and think it’s perfect for warm summer days.

Next up was the Mac Daddy Mac n Cheese. Now if we’re completely honest, ‘mac n cheese’ is not our favourite dish in the world. We have tried a few combinations of this american staple, and what we can say is the cheese sauce on this is way better than most others on offer. Is it a standout dish, not really, but as far as mac n cheese goes, we’d opt for this one over others available, especially in Orlando.

Next we were excited to try the Chicken Tenders, and we were not disappointed, they were super juicy and velvety with very subtle breading. The idea is to take advantage of Guy’s signature sauces that provides a plethora of  flavour combinations.  Trust us when we say the chicken Tenders are like no other in the quick service category. We tried all twenty two sauce and used them as dipping sauce for the tenders.

We also tried the Loaded Fries which are smothered in SMC, chopped crispy chicken, bacon & green onion. (we opted out of the bacon on our fries) These are classic loaded fries, full of flavour and definitely worth a try!

The Flavortown Frozen Treats Triple Double Mint shake is a hand-spun mint chocolate soft serve, blended with crushed Oreo© cookies, chocolate mints, chocolate syrup & fresh whipped cream. Two words; absolutely delicious!!!


Other things to try from the menu.

Fried Pickle Chips These come with a buttermilk ranch sauce, and are a great alternative side to fgo with the chicken.

Southwestern Burger (Pepper jack, special sauce, avocado crema, cumin lime mojo, charred corn, roasted peppers, black beans, lettuce, tomatoes, & crispy tortilla strips)


If you’re in Orlando then Chicken Guy is definitely worth popping in to. Their restaurant at Disney Springs is the company’s flagship restaurant, however, they have a new opening at Aventura Mall in Miami coming soon.

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