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We all have that one friend who has recently turned Vegan, or has cut out gluten from their diet, or is lactose intolerant – I admire your will power, because in that department I have none.

Finding a place to eat that caters for all of the above, including people like me who will literally eat anything – can be a difficult task. And that’s why I’m doing a happy dance and booking in all my lunch and dinner dates with friends as I type.

And the reason for my blissful, stress free, can accommodate everyone, lunch and dinner with friends happy dance is the newly opened Poké Kafé (pronounced poh-kay).

The first of it’s kind in Bahrain, Poké Kafé is only a few months old but has quickly established itself as the Vegan friendly, dairy free and gluten free benchmark on the Island.

Set in Hamala Bahrain, Poké Kafé is beautifully designed and is a visual and aesthetic treat. Quirky, fun and bold, the décor is bright as well as thought provoking. With lots of natural light due to its floor to ceiling windows, it makes an exceptionally pleasant place to eat and take cool photos for the gram.

Come evening, that same vibrant place turns into an intimate and relaxed atmosphere to enjoy a quiet meal with either a good book or equally good friends.

It also is home to a beautiful co working area on the second floor where you can work while you eat. Large, open and equipped with bar stools for individual working as well as a conference size table for group work.  With plugs docked in ever corner, books and even stationary supplies, there really is no excuse to knock out your next mastermind idea.

The concept behind Poké Kafé is simple yet genius; clean, fresh, healthy, flavour some and nutritious food that caters for a range of different dietary requirements.

The Poké bowl is customizable based on your personal preferences.  It is first starts with a base, such as mixed rice, quinoa, kale and spinach or caulirice, shredded cauliflower.

The next step is to top with your choice of protein such as salmon, tofu, chicken or tuna. That is then layered with a choice of vegetable & fruit toppings, and then topped with a choice of sauce and crunches.

If the thought of customizing your Poké bowl is too much, then stick to what the experts at Poké Kafé have created and choose from five different styles of Poké bowls; two styles of chicken, two variations of salmon and one tofu bowl.  All of which are delicious, and our personal favourites are the Creamy Salmon and Spicy Chicken bowls.

From clean fresh ingredients, to making all the sauces and crunches in house, Poké Kafé further continue the sustainability cycle by using all left over vegetable and fruit scraps as compost in their private gardens.

As well as this, Poké Kafé has partnered with equally ethical food brands when it comes to their range of juices, water and sweet treats and energy bars.

Whether it’s a working lunch, dinner with friends or a conscious decision to eat healthier or to support ethical and sustainable businesses – then Poké Kafé will definitely become your new favourite place in Bahrain.

For more information:

Poké Kafé
17 281888
Open daily: 10am to 10pm

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