Glam Hair Artist -The Man behind the My Little Pony Hair Effect

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Hair Celebrity, Glam Hair Artist has recently visited our little island and Habibti Magazine sat down with the uber talented Hair Colourist to find out how his hair journey began.

With Lebanese and Turkish roots, Glam Hair Artist was born and raised in Australia. Growing up, neither Glam nor his family would ever have guessed that he would be involved in hair styling and hair colouring. But at the tender age of thirteen, along side school, Glam immersed himself in the world of hair dressing, watching and learning.  He went on to complete a hairdressing course when he was 15 years old, which led to the opportunity to work on a Red Carpet Show.   Competing against 200 hairdressers and hair stylists, Glam won majority of the trophies, which firmly cemented his career in the hair industry.

Along side studying at school and university, Glam started creating his own techniques and colours at home, asking his family to be his models.  After which, he opened a studio near his home.  Creativity on full flow, Glam started to gain a name for himself.

Setting his sights further afield, Glam went on to become Art Director at Toni & Guy, for three years, a huge accomplishment for anyone in the Hair Industry. This gave him the opportunity to work at the Australian Fashion Weeks and also grasp the business side of running a hair salon.

But it was the transformations and the ‘glamming up’ that really interested Glam and so to keep his talent and creativity at it’s peak, he took to social media, filming his hair tutorials.

One of Glams videos went viral and that’s when Glam became an Internet sensation.  With his video getting hits and likes by celebrities, reposted, and commented about, Glam was inundated with messages and emails to visit Dubai.

With an unstoppable self-belief and unconditional family support Glam went from strength to strength.   Travelling to more countries, in the GCC, Europe and America, Glam not only established an international client base, but also a celebrity client base.

However, it’s Glams signature grey hair work and rainbow work that catapulted him not only into Internet stardom, but also as a sought after Celebrity Hair Colourist.  Initially posting his unique grey hair work, the post instantly became viral with celebrity likes, and reposted onto 200 million pages.

Achieving the grey hair work is not a simple process, as it’s a very unique shade of grey, and it’s a very difficult colour to get without damaging the hair. And it’s Glams rainbow hair work, sometimes referred to as the ‘my little pony’ effect, which is his favourite technique and if he could, he would love to travel the GCC doing just the rainbow hair work on clients.

Through his talent, self-belief, family support and social media, Glam has achieved a lot before he has even hit his thirties.  So what’s in the future?   Let’s just say there’s no slowing down for Glam;

He’s focused, knows exactly what he wants and how he will get it, but what surprises us as we talk, is his laid back confidence about his goals. There’s no rush, no urgency, but it will happen.

Glam says for now, he wants to concentrate on his client base in the GCC, talking of the GCC people he says he loves the people of Dubai, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Saudi and Bahrain, ‘There’s a lovely vibe here and my GCC clients are really quite adventurous and allow me to unleash my full creativity on them.’

Eventually Glam plans to open branches in the GCC and Europe as well as expanding across to America and working there.

He’s also in the process of launching a new hair extension line, under Haute Kouture by Basmah Al Fahad, which will feature Glams signature hair colours collection.  In addition, Haute Kouture will also create a high quality wig line for Glam with his own unique colours.

Before we leave, we have to ask for Glams tips and recommendations for maintaining healthy hair;

‘Have regular hair treatments specifically to regain hair elasticity and natural shine. Avoid supermarket shampoos, and use sulphate-free quality salon shampoos.  And try to have two hair treatments a week to keep hair feeling and looking shiny.

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