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As 2018 is nearing an end, now is good time as any to talk about goals, realistic goals specifically.

While we are occupied with end of year celebrations, gatherings, family time and indulgences; our dreams of achieving that weight loss goal is well and truly on the back burner for yet another year.

The gym membership hasn’t been used for a good 6 months and a bunch of half used diet supplements are in the back of the cupboard collecting dust.

Let’s face it, another year went by and we still don’t look like the girls on Instagram.  Sigh. But ‘fear not!’ we tell ourselves, ‘January is just around the corner, and with a new year comes a new me! This year will definitely be the year! Right?!’

Scrolling through Instagram, we are filled with guilt and shame for not living up to these godly body standards. The diet companies are well aware of our guilt and begin their propaganda campaign; slowly trickling in ads of chiselled models that are selling the diet solution that will finally work for us.

Wait a second. Can’t we see what’s going on here? This is all a façade. We were never going to achieve those goals and the companies have known this all along. The goals we set ourselves are so high, trying to live up to a beauty standard so ridiculously unachievable that even the models selling the products need to photo-shopped!

It’s time to turn our backs on this never ending cycle. This brainwashing has to stop if we are ever going to feel happy about our bodies.

So this year, choose to rebel against social media’s manipulation by making 2019 goals about not looking, but feeling better than ever. Join a gym to become stronger, start a sport to build confidence, learn to cook to feel healthier. Don’t pressure yourself to do it all at once either; Rome was not built in a day! Break it down to one thing at a time, even just start by walking with a friend twice a week.

By changing your reasons from looking good to feeling good, you’ll have such a more positive experience working towards your goals. And guess what – a side effect will be you’re more likely to actually stick to it this time and you might even get towards those dream goals!


Abbie Golledge
Certified Personal Trainer and Nutritionist
Instagram @monsterfitbh

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