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The Habibti Edit – Les Benjamins

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Clothing is often emotional and can be sentimental. We speak through our appearance; what you choose to put on your back every day reflects how you feel, think, and want to be addressed.

Designer Bunyamin Aydin, creative director, and founder of “Les Benjamins”, translates such emotions through stories, cultures, traditions, and rituals into every day garments.

Aydin’s designs are focused towards street wear, which is a niche that many designers have started to explore. In a previous interview, Aydin shares his thoughts on streetwear  saying “Travelling all around the world I can say that it’s now time for cities like Istanbul, Seoul, Dubai, Beijing, Lagos and Ho Chi Minh to start creating and moving our cultures forward with our new vision.”

Aydin also states “Most people think streetwear is non-existent in these cities but they just don’t know. Today, the scene is small, but the populations and potential are huge. From travelling and meeting people that show me their dreams, I can only say that street culture in the East will have an important position in ten years’ time. It’s exciting times to be part of moving culture forward and inspiring other people to do what I do.”


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