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Those who have been living on this beautiful Island for more than seven years, will remember the craze of Cup Cakes that hit us back in 2010.  Hala Al Qassab was one of those cup cake pioneers, creating bite size pieces of heaven under the name of Cupaholic.

Busy mum of two children, Hala had a passion for baking and cooking since she was a teenager. Making the jump from hobby to home business, she started with cupcakes and moved on to larger cakes.

The cakes were very well received and Cupaholic kept Hala extremely busy.
Every year had its own trends, such as the jars, cookies and printed cookies but it was the Cupaholic cupcakes that always remained a classic with a steady demand.

When asked about how things for her business have changed in the last seven years, Hala recalls when first starting out, she would have to make frequent trips to the UK to source catering supplies. Noting that since 2010 the Bahrain market has improved greatly and progressed with a larger selection and variety of catering equipment available in Bahrain.

Another change in has been the shift towards a healthier palate, which Hala has catered for by developing recipes using unrefined sugar for some of her desserts.
She also offers an even healthier option having created some treats based on natural sugars such as dates.

We were treated to some of Halas creations, which were the red velvet cupcakes, cinnamon rolls and healthy date bites. All of the treats were absolutely delicious and we weren’t surprised to hear that we were sampling Halas top three best sellers.

Having made a conscious effort to keep Cupaholic as a home business, to enable Hala to manage both her home life and the business, Hala now feels the next step is to consider expanding her business. We look forward to exciting news from Hala soon and all we ask is that she never stops making her yummy desserts!

For more information:
Instagram – @cupaholic

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