Pantene launches My Hair Won’t be Silenced campaign with Black Minds Matter and Project Embrace

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Pantene has collaborated with Black Minds Matter and Project Embrace to launch the My Hair Won’t be Silenced campaign, helping to end discrimination against Afro hair in the UK. Personalities including boxer Ramla Ali, Black Minds Matter co-founder Agnes Mwakatuma, and EastEnders star Jessica Plummer will front the campaign.

The campaign launches as new research by Pantene reveals that 93% of Black people with Afro hair have experienced microaggressions related to their hair, while only 7% of people without Afro hair are able to identify common microaggressions.

Focused on increasing awareness and education around unspoken hair bias, Pantene is working towards a goal of 50% reduction in hair discrimination in the UK by 2025, beginning with this campaign.

Ramla Ali commented: “Today, I am proud of what my hair represents and the confidence it gives me, and proud to work with @panteneuk to celebrate Afro hair”

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