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On her recent travels to Singapore Habibti Managing Editor, was invited by friends to an unassuming restaurant, set in the middle of a shopping mall.  Impressed by the food; what started as niceties with the owner and chef, turned into an interview and how he got started.

Meet Khaled Elelimi, about as humble as they come and as he starts to talk about his journey thus far, it’s clear he is as talented as he is humble.

Originally from Egypt, Khaled has spent most of his adult life travelling the world. But he first started his career serving his country in the military. After his military service in Egypt, his first job was at Regency and Marriott Hotel.

It was then Khaled was destined to travel abroad, when he got the opportunity to go to Singapore, “this is 22 years ago, my first time to travel abroad. I wanted to gain some international experience so I got a job in Singapore.’’

Having attained international experience, Khaled headed back to Egypt and rejoined Marriott. After a year at Marriott, Khaled transitioned to the newly opened Four Seasons, “I was with Four Seasons Egypt for around 6 years, after which I was transferred to a newly opened restaurant in Four Seasons Maldives’.

Six months before the opening of the restaurant, Khaled was transferred to manage and oversee the kitchen, staff and training. In a very short space of time, Khaled was able to turn his new restaurant into the most successful restaurant within the hotel.

After which in August 2010, Khaled came back to Singapore, this time to join Shangri-La Singapore. After six and a half years, Khaled resigned, to finally set up on his own. “I was really happy at Shangri-La but I felt it was time to do my own thing which would allow for my creativity to show in my cooking. So I opened Pistachio, and we’ve been open for one year now.  This is my restaurant which I run with my beautiful wife, Agnes, who I met while we were both working in Seychelles.’

In it’s first year of operating, Pistachio boasts an ongoing booking waiting list for up to a week. With every day at full capacity, the petit modest restaurant has won over a loyal fan base.
Khaled attribute his success to his passion, love and respect of cooking.
“For me it’s simple, I love cooking. I make food from my heart. I am constantly creating new recipes and use only quality ingredients. I believe first and foremost, passion for cooking, then quality ingredients and great service makes a wining formula.”

Pistachio Grill
Zhongshan Mall
Ah Hood Road

Instagram and Facebook: @pistachiogrill

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