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Reforming the British house with seams and appliques from his Givenchy roots, reigning Italian designer Ricardo Tisci had the Fall/Winter 2019 Burberry show at a location that implied on the vibe of his collection, the Tate Modern – which’s what the collection was to say the least.

Upon entering, guests were directed to two different rooms which emphasizes on the contrast present within England and how London, being the melting pot that it is, heavily hosts that. Strutting to a specifically curated playlist by M.I.A models walked in garments that in my opinion picked up very strongly from Tisci’s designs for Givenchy.

Titled “Tempest,” Burberry’s Fall/Winter 2019 took inspiration from Britain’s culture, drawing from everything from weather to political influences. From shearling and faux-fur coats, corset tops, tailored blazers and trousers, to new silhouettes with the abstract play of the Thomas Burberry monogram, the pieces were of the time, and touched about a more grunge/streetwear like aesthetic of modernity.

Call it an Italian take on British fashion, but Tisci surely did prove to himself and to everybody that his vision for a heritage brand will prevail.

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