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Muneera Bubshait is a Fashion Stylist and Image Consultant, based in the GCC.

Habibti Magazine attended Muneera’s recent Fashion Styling Workshop geared towards busy mums in Bahrain and caught up with the stylist herself.

How did you get in to fashion styling?

Coming from an artistic background as a graphic designer, I found my true passion towards the industry of fashion through curating photo-shoots with various fashion retailers, local designers and experts within the industry.

I have managed to attract dedicated followers from all over the world and such growing popularity fuelled my passion towards fashion styling; which eventually lead me to get my fashion certificate in fashion styling and image consultancy from the prestigious school of Instituto Marangoni – Milano.

Apart from partnering up with international brands, fashion designers and advertisement companies. I work with women creating customised looks that reflect the essence of their personalities and lifestyles. I also organise fashion and beauty consulting workshops and one to one sessions through which, women gain tools and insight to reach their fashion goals.

What is a fashionably functional wardrobe?

Having a fashionably functional wardrobe means you will never say you don’t have anything to wear! But instead you’ll ask yourself ” what should I wear today?” because you will have so many options.

How do you build a fashionably functional wardrobe?

There are some basic principals of a functional wardrobe:

Clutter free: Clear out everything that you do not use anymore, anything that doesn’t fit you or appeal to you.
Know what to hang, what to fold and how.
Code by event: Section your closet according to usage; everyday wear, occasional wear, winter clothes.
Colour code: Colour coding is your best friend! It will make your life 10 times easier when dressing.
Invest: Invest in key pieces that can be mixed and matched to give you a variety of outfit options

What should a client expect from a Fashion Stylist, such as your self?

When a client hires me, she will get to know how to choose the correct colours, fabrics and size for her, based on her lifestyle, her body shape and her budget. This does not mean she needs to get rid of her existing pieces but streamline what she has and include a few key staple pieces.

People think of fashion styling or image consultancy as something only for the rich and famous, but in truth we can all really benefit from a one to one tailored session to revamp and refresh our wardrobe and look.

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