New Art Courses in Bahrain

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Habibti Magazine was recently invited to the launch of Too Far Co.,  an arts platform that aim is to showcase contemporary Middle Eastern art globally.

The company will bridge the gap between Middle East artists and the global audience which would be ‘too far’ for them to appreciate first-hand.

Too Far Co. is offering internationally accredited educational courses to Bahrain and showcasing art from Bahrain to the rest of the world via events, exhibitions, and educational programmes outside of a fixed space, as a roaming gallery.



Based in the Kingdom of Bahrain and founded by Latifa Al Khalifa, Too Far Co. has partnered with Blake College and RICI Training Institute in Bahrain, to create Pearson certified professional short courses, to enhance skills in the arts and creative industries.  The courses will also be registered in Tamkeen’s Professional Certification Support Scheme “e7trf”, so students can benefit from full reimbursement of course fees upon receiving their certificate.


The following short courses will be available this year:

  1. Creating A Graphic Novel (Comic Book)
  2. Digital Photography & Post Production
  3. Interior Design
  4. Introduction to Curating
  5. Pattern-Cutting (Fashion)



Each month Too far Co. select an artist and promote them on social media, blog and e-commerce website.  The selected artist work is also made into a limited edition print at an affordable price for art enthusiasts to purchase.


In addition, Too far Co. offer coaching and consulting sessions to artists and provide local artists regional and international exposure through various global art fairs and digital platforms.


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