An afternoon with Chef Abhijit Avhad of Marzipan Restaurant

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Habibti Magazine recently had the immense pleasure to interview
Chef Abhijit Avhad, of Marzipan, over a delicious lunch at the beautiful Marzipan Restaurant, in Zinj.

Chef Abhijit started his culinary journey fifteen years ago at the tender age of sixteen, leaving his home in India to travel to London, where he completed his Post-Graduation in culinary arts.

Having spent over three years in London, Chef Abhijit was then trained under an Italian Michelin Star Chef, which brought him back to India.  After a two year stint in Mumbai India, Chef Abhijit then travelled further a field to America where he trained and worked for three years.

It was after America, that Chef Abhijit traveled to Bahrain, and has been here for nearly four years. During his time in Bahrain, Chef Abhijit has overseen the opening of Marzipan from concept to execution.

Marzipan is inspired by Italian and French cuisines, with a homage to it’s home, Bahrain by incorporating a local element to the dishes. Italian and French cuisine also holds a special place in Chef Abhijit’s heart, as it is what he focused on during his studies and work experience.

Chef Abhijit is passionate about cooking and speaks about his parents positive influence on his career path ‘’my parents always encouraged me to pursue what sparked joy for me. They always said, whatever you decide to do, give it your all and do your very best. And I think that’s very important; no matter what your career, in whichever industry, firstly, love what you do and do your job to the best of your capability, with integrity and vigor, this to me is the path to success’’

Starting his career at a young age with the support and encouragement of his parents, Chef Abhijit took the risks and made sacrifices needed to fulfill his love for cooking. What then, would be his advise to young people, starting their own culinary journeys looking to become chefs, be?

’The Culinary industry is such, that you can never say you know everything or that you have learned it all. The world is so big, and every country, has different ingredients, every culture has their own style and unique approach to flavours and cooking’’.
Chef Abhijit goes on to say, that each day is an opportunity to learn and although the culinary field is not easy, it definitely is varied, exciting and interesting.

As the lunch and interview comes to an end, we ask Chef Abhijit what his favourite dish by his mother is, ‘’she makes very good fresh indian flatbreads. While we are all sat around the dinner table, she is in the kitchen, preparing fresh bread, while you eat. Only a mother can do that.’’

Chef Abhijit goes on to tell us how he would be fascinated by his mothers cooking, and very quickly starting helping her in the kitchen, which lit the fire in his soul for cooking.
From helping his mother in the kitchen as child to fifteen years later, running a prestigious and grand restaurant in the heart of Bahrain, Chef Abhijit has certainly done his parents proud.

Marzipan is open from breakfast through to dinner, as well as serving fresh coffees, pastries, breads, desserts and custom made cakes. In addition, Marzipan also offers a full smoking area on it’s second floor, where diners can dine whilst enjoying smoking shisha.

For more information:
Galleria Mall, Zinj
Open 7am to 1am

Telephone: 17 504050
Instagram @marzipanbahrain

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