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One woman, two businesses

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You may remember we recently interviewed Rua Suleiman; Chef, owner of Rua’s Food Truck and Ruas Healthy Meals.

Not only were we impressed by her food truck we were also fortunate to try her Healthy Meals. After a week of tasting and reviewing, here are our thoughts:

The first thing that we love about Ruas Healthy Meals are the choices of packages available, which means it can suit any timeframe and budget; perfect for those who don’t want to be tied into a long term commitment or have short term goals to reach.

The packages are broken down into weekly and monthly, as well as (here’s the clever bit), number of meals in the package, where you can choose from one, two or three meals.

The variety of meals available is exceptional, with something to suit everyone’s palate and preferences, from vegetarian, to chicken, fish and meat based meals.
Each meal comes with a fresh salad and snack.

The meals are prepared fresh and delivered each day with all your meals for the day. Each meal is plentiful and comes with salad and snacks, leaving you comfortably full without having to spoil your diet plan.

The reliability of delivery is impressive; although this has been outsourced, Rua has taken the stress away for her customers by ensuring she uses a professional delivery service – for us each day delivery was prompt and efficient.

But the most important factor is taste, so how did the meals measure up?

We definitely had a few favourites during our week tasting Ruas Healthy meals, and fortunately there was never a meal that we didn’t like. Each meal was fresh, tasty and healthy.

Above all, we loved the convenience of the Ruas Healthy Meals, which meant we didn’t have to worry about preparing breakfast, lunch of dinner, giving us more freedom of time – an absolute God send when you have tight deadlines.

Stand out moments:
Fresh and healthy meals
Varied choices and flexible packages
Great delivery service
Convenience of meals prepared for you

For more information
Rua’s Healthy Meals
Tel: 33 531070
Free delivery within Bahrain

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