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Habibti Magazine took a drive to Marrasi Beach to meet Rua Suleiman, Chef and owner of Rua’s Food Truck, serving Fish and Chips with a smile.

Rua studied at the Royal Academy of Culinary Arts in Jordan, which is an affiliate of les Roches, Switzerland. Having attained certificates from both Switzerland and Jordan, Rua came to Bahrain as a trainee as part of her internships. Completing her internship in a five star hotel in Bahrain Rua then returned to Jordan to continue studying.

After completing her studies, Rua was offered a job at Four Seasons Bahrain, where she worked for a while and then was offered a job with the royal family in Jordan as a private chef.

After a while, Rua returned to Bahrain to work with another hotel. During her time at the hotel, Rua saw this exact food truck and at that time decided she was going to buy a food truck. As chance would have it, Rua ended up buying the exact food truck she spotted, ‘’I saw this truck and decided I wanted to set up on my own. I have to be in my own thing. And so I left everything opened the food truck’’.

Rua’s Food Truck has only been open two months, but she’s already made a regular client base of locals, expats and tourists.

Aside from Rua’s Food Truck, Rua also has a second catering business, based around healthy home delivered food, Rua’s Healthy Meals.

Working singlehandedly on two small businesses, it’s a wonder how Rua manages to find the time. “Each business has it’s own set timings. The food truck is open from 11am to 10pm. I go home. I take a rest for one hour. Then I start cooking from 12 to 5 in the morning and then I have to prepare the food parcels for delivery, once I send of the meals, I send you the food I get to sleep from 6 to 8;30 in the morning. And then I head to the market to pick up supplies for the day ahead. And then back to the food truck for prep and 11am opening”. Rua talks us through her daily schedule with a bright smile on her face and says her father has been a great support with encouraging words and help with washing the dishes as well as encouragement from the rest of her family in Jordan.

We ask Rua, why Bahrain? “I honestly don’t know, and I’ve asked myself the same question many times. I’ve had job offers from around the world, but something pulled me to Bahrain. Even though choosing to be here means being away from friends and family and the support network that comes with it; friends buy from you, family buys from you and I don’t have that here, I still chose to be here. It’s something from God”.

For more Information
Rua’s Fish & Chip Food Truck
Marassi Beach
Open daily
11am to 10pm
BD2 entrance for Marassi Beach:
refundable with proof of purchase from Rua’s Food Truck

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