It’s Time for Teal says this Ten Year Old

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She’s no Mary Berry (just yet..) But that hasn’t stopped ten year old Iman Mirza from raising money at her ‘Time for Teal’ Charity Bake Sale in support of Ovarian Cancer. The bake sale was organised for World Ovarian Cancer Day.


Iman had hoped to raise just £250 to match her 2016 target for The Eve Appeal’s Gynaecological Cancer research. A sum that seemed huge, just by selling cupcakes! She did however smash the target this year by raising £400 with the help of her friends and support from her school.


We sat down with our own cup of tea, to have a chat with her.

Tell us more about yourself and your connection with Cancer?

“My name is Iman and I have a very deep connection with Ovarian Cancer. When I was just six years old, my mummy was diagnosed with Ovarian Cancer. I had no idea what it was, or what it meant, all I knew was that mummy suddenly became very sick and we thought she was going to die. Over the last 4 years, I have learnt alot about cancer and I can tell you that it makes those that are diagnosed, and their families very sad.

Thankfully for me, my mummy was one of the lucky ones. She fought this battle followed by a second battle for kidney cancer in 2015. Since learning about the disease, I have tried to encourage people to talk about and understand that cancer doesn’t always mean sadness. I want to make people happy buy feeding them cake, whilst providing important information of how to prevent and understand the symptoms”

Iman has also been a Charity Ambassador for a booklet that was published especially for younger women. She was the only child to appear in the campaign. She tells us she was very proud of the fact that she was able to share her special bond with her mother, in this booklet. The project was commissioned jointly by the UK  Ovarian Cancer charities, The Eve Appeal, Ovacome, Target Ovarian and Ovarian Cancer Action.

Talking further about her bake sale, Iman told us she baked and iced a whopping 150 cakes in the Ovarian Cancer Ribbon colour of Teal. The bake sale was organised at St Margaret’s Girls School in Bushey, Hertfordshire UK, with the support of the Junior School Head Mistress Mrs Norris.

We asked her whether she was planning any more Awareness Events? “Yes, definitely!  I want to make my Bake Sale an annual event. I really believe that since there are certain cancers which only women get. It is very important that we all understand how we can prevent, understand and beat it from a young age!!

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