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She might just become your new best friend, and we wouldn’t blame you. Let us introduce you to Jamie, a virtual fashion assistant helping you avoid fashion faux pas, on stand by.

Jamie & I combines technology with fashion and uses artificial intelligence based on a complex algorithm to learn about your personal style and regularly sends you a curated selection of outfit recommendations tailored to your taste. Imagine if you will, a Spotify or Netflix recommendation engine for fashion.

The brains behind this intuitive idea is Australia based Antonia Bolla along with her sister Lidia. They have already secured a start up incubator program to help finance the business and turned the business idea in to a running online fashion platform.

Via the website, visitors are able to customize their individual style preferences after being taken through a short questionnaire, both text and visual based.

After being shown a range of outfits, visitors are asked to click on the styles they like. The next stage is what types of looks visitors are likely to wear and a rating system is used to record personal preferences.

The process is designed to be user friendly and fun and once the data has gone through the Jamie & I algorithm, subscribers are sent outfit recommendations that they can buy on the spot, which are sourced from boutique designers such as Sydney’s Ixiah, who have partnered with the platform

Just like Spotify, the service is designed to get more accurate as time goes on. “It keeps on learning about you as you use it,” Antonia says. “So every time once you receive an outfit, you give it a star rating as well.”

The lightbulb moment was when Antonia was in rush to leave the house and was struggling to find something to wear. It was later when she was listening to Spotify’s discover weekly playlist, (recommendations for you are based on what you like), and she remembers thinking ‘’they’re always so on point, that’s exactly what I need for fashion.”

And that was the basis for Jaimie & I; which aims to present a succinct list of personalised recommendations. “We’re more focused on getting the right outfit for the customer, a curated selection of outfits that is all tailored to their personal style. It keeps on learning about you as you use it. So every time once you receive an outfit, you give it a star rating as well.”

Eventually, she plans to develop an app that can synchronise with members’ smart phone calendars, with outfit alerts sent out for upcoming events.

It’s a concept Antonia hopes to scale up and help expand the local fashion industry’s global reach.

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